KNX: send off command only for switch


I have a knx installation.

I have a group address (0/1/2) that is all lighting on the ground floor.

I added that to OH4 as a thing (switch), however I would only like to send an off-command.

how would I do that?


Just ensure only so send OFF :slight_smile:

If the Item linked to the channel is named AllOff,
in a rule only use AllOff.sendCommand(OFF) (or similar in other rule languages)
in a sitemap use Switch item=AllOff mappings=[OFF="All Off!"]
in Main UI, use a Label Card or something similar:

component: oh-label-card
  action: command
  actionItem: AllOff
  actionCommand: OFF
  label: All Off!
slots: null

How about an inline script transformation between item and channel that, no matter what its input value is, always sends “OFF” to the channel? Then you would not depend on the UI.