KNX switch actuator doesn't react, although the status is online

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4
    • openHAB version:


I’m new to Raspberry Pi and openHAB. I was able to set up openHAB on Rasperry Pi 4 and added KNX binding via Paper UI, KNX IP router and devices, like switch or shutter actuator. All things with physical address from ETS. Later, I’ve created channels for switch and roller shutter with appropriate group addresses from ETS.

The IP router and all devices shows the status online. But, on Page UI under Control, when I switch or click on UP or DOWN arrows for shutter, nothing happens. The log on openHAB 2 log viewer shows, the switch has been changed from OFF to ON or roller shutter from 0 to 100.

Do you have an idea, what should I check? Did I forget something?

Thank you very much!

Here my settings:
IP Router:
Network address:
Port: 3671
Local device address: 0.0.0
Local network address: my openHAB-IP
Connection type: Router

Switch actuator:
Address: 1.1.70 (PA from ETS)

Address: 2/2/1 (GA from ETS to switch on the light). Channel is linked to the switch actuator

Did you set a pingInterval for the things? Do the things still show up Online after a while (let’s say 20 Minutes)?
Is GA filtering switched off at the knx/IP Router?

Please be aware that the correct term is individual address (this is physikalische Adresse in german).

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Udo, thank you very much! It was the right hint. You made my day. It’s working now!!!

After your post, I’ve set in the ETS the IP on Group address forwarding, but individual address on filtering. KNX TP is still on filtering for all. Is that so correct, or should I forward individual addresses as well as KNX TP telegrams?

:grinning: Thanks for the hint for physikalische Adresse, it was 1:1 translation from German :rofl:

I’m not sure about filtering as I don’t need it (yet…) but as long as there are no issues, leave it as is.

Ok, thanks. I will not switch off filtering in general in IP-Router settings, because it is not recommended, but for every GA, what I want to reach from openHAB