Knx thing read/write in different group addresses

Hello, I have a light in knx that is controlled by 2 different group addresses. I defined the thing like this:

Type switch:knx_ilum_escadas_1a_so                 [ ga="1/7/7+<1/4/2" ]

From the docs, I understood that when a value is written to the related item, the 1/7/7 ga was used, and to get the status, 1/4/2 was used. The first part works that way, but the read doesn’t work.

The item is defined in this way:

Switch ilum_escadas_1a_so "1.º andar - Sotão"  (All) 

Is this possible?

config looks fine to me (if I remember correctly - I do only configure in MainUI nowadays).
Did you check the flags of the status communication object in ETS ? Just cross-checked, mine is working and has the flags “C”,“R” and “U” set.

Might be worth having a look.
Do you have working examples, do all others fail too or is this the only switch actuator channel you tried ?


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