KNX timeout on reading value


I got stuck with the following scenario (setup: RasPi3, TPUART Pigator KNX and 1-Wire interface):

Write the temperature from 1-Wire to KNX bus via the following item:

Number Temperatur_Garten_Pergola    "Temperatur [%.1f °C]" <temperature>    (Garten) { onewire="deviceId=28.FF8B83731605;propertyName=temperature;refreshinterval=10", knx="9.001:11/3/0" } 

This seems to work as in ETS5 the Busmonitor shows each 10 seconds an incoming telegram (unfortunately I cannot verify its correctness due to a bug in knxd, see knxd bug.

Then I want to read back the value from the KNX group address from the KNX bus into an item like:

Number Wetter_Temperatur_Pergola "Temperatur bei Pergola [%.1f °C]" <temperatur> {knx="<9.001:11/3/0"}

If doing this, I get the following error log messages from OpenHAB:

06:53:06.588 [WARN ] [al.bus.KNXBindingDatapointReaderTask] - Autorefresh: Cannot read value for item 'Wetter_Temperatur_Pergola' from KNX bus: timeout waiting for group read response: timeout

Other items like a light switch is working just fine (incl. a group address for the status update).

What am I doing wrong here?

Following are my config files:

openHAB knx.cfg



KNXD_OPTS="--eibaddr=1.0.250 -u /tmp/eib -D -T -R -S -b tpuarts:/dev/ttyAMA0"

Did you setup a knx actor to answer read requests at 11/3/0?

Nope, and I guess that was exactly my mistake. I thought that OpenHAB via knxd behaves like a hardware which seems not to be the case. Thanks!