KNX to OneWire Channel Linking with filter


at the moment I’m using rules for transfering OneWire data to KNX bus. Now I wan’t to migrate to openHAB 2 and would love to use the multi binding. But because of some glitches (that I could only fix by adding more cables to my home) I need to filter special values (85°C and -0.0615°C). Is there any way to add such a “filter” to my configuration without bridging OneWire to KNX “the old way”?


There is no such way to filter “valid” values from being sent to linked channels. But maybe you could build a “special” version of the onewire binding and implement the filter in the binding. I’m pretty sure this won’t be too complex :slight_smile:

THX @Udo_Hartmann. It’s a good idea. Do you know, if there is a reason, why the filter for 85°C was removed while migrating the binding from openHAB1 to 2?

I’ll have a look.