KNX Tunnel not closing properly

When I do a:

$/etc/init.d/openhab stop

It seems the KNX tunnel to my KNX/IP device is not closed properly at this point.
While editing the the configuration files and then launching again

$/etc/init.d/openhab start

My /var/log/openhab/openhab.log reports back that:

2015-12-21 15:13:50.028 [INFO ] [.b.knx.internal.bus.KNXBinding] - Calimero library version 2.2.0-alpha
2015-12-21 15:13:50.159 [ERROR] [ ] - [KNXnet/IP receiver] KNXnet/IP Tunneling could not accept new connection (maximum reached)
2015-12-21 15:13:50.161 [ERROR] [b.k.i.connection.KNXConnection] - Error connecting to KNX bus: error response from control endpoint /, could not accept new connection (maximum reached)
2015-12-21 15:13:53.266 [WARN ] [b.k.i.connection.KNXConnection] - Inital connection to KNX bus failed!

Is there a way to resolve this? It seems my old connection to the IP interace still lives. I don’t want to go resetting my KNX-IP interface every time.
I’m using an ABB IP/S 2.1

Do you have a static IP for your KNX IP Gateway as well as a static IP for your OH server?

Is your IP configured acc. to KNX binding wiki in openhab.cfg (section KNX)?

Did you try router mode?

IP stays the same, my IP is also in the config file.
Router mode won’t work because the gateway doesn’t work as a router.

Sounds like the [issue we had with modbus] ( With a quick glance I did not see disconnect call when the configuration is updated.

Perhaps our knx binding developers can comment more.