KNX UF Iconset

Hello Guys.
when downloading the KNX-UF-Iconset i get a lot of great icons, but unfortunately all theese are with transparent background and white icon…
Is there a way to deal with this in the Classic/Basic UI?

Or another icon pack that fits better for OH? Just reading around and seems like the KNX-UF-Iconset is mentioned many times :slight_smile:

I looked at the knx-uf icons too. Found this and they are color inverted so you can see them. Only issue i have is that they are not .svg

Just this week the Eclipse IP team has approved using them within ESH.
So I would like to see a KUF Iconset added next to

If anyone would like to put that together, please let me know, it would be most welcome! It is probably some effort to rename parts of the icons, so that they match the ESH categories, which will make them easily exchangeable with the Classic icon set.

Hello Kai…
That sounds great - but why exhanged - and not together side by side?

I would like to do the job, but sorry - i really don’t know what and how to do it - if you can explain, i can do the job :slight_smile:

Side-by-side available in the distro, but the user has two choose the one or the other as he most likely does not want to see two icons side-by-side :wink:

if you can explain, i can do the job :slight_smile:

Well, the result should look the same as the classic icon set bundle that I linked to above. So what is needed is a pull request with that content. But if you are not yet familiar with Git, PRs etc., maybe we find someone else for the job :slight_smile:

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@Rasmus7700: Thanks for bringing up the topic with the KNX UF icons. Did you already start with resorting the icons? I would also like to have them available in openHAB and would go ahead with the PR if you like.

Best regards


Hello… unfortunately no - I haven’t done more in it since I posted this…
would be very nice to get done :slight_smile:


i’ve done some work on this front and wanted to contribute it. For transparency i want to write some lines to explain what i’ve done so far:

After i downloaded the knx uf icons i try’d to modify them via cmd line tool but a half day later i gave up.
I’m not a developer and therefor it was to heavy for me to achieve what i wanted.
Thats why i uploaded the svg’s to icomoon and removed all colours, setup the prefs and re downloaded nice, clean svg’s.
Next step was to write a little bash-script to remove “width” and “height” from the files and slightly adjust the “viewbox” to shrink down the “padding” a bit.
Then i created a simple mapping script wich copy’s the original knx icon to the corresponding classic icon name. That file can easy edited to adjust the mapping.

Next step would be to copy the mapped and modded icons together to one folder (icons). This should be done when the mapping is reviewed and corrected by someone else.

The PNG’s can be autocreated from the svg’s during build process, is that right?

But the rest of the job, bundling, PR etc. is for someone else cause i have not done something like that.

@Kai, @cdeschryver
Is someone willing to go the next Steps on the road to create a PR?
I would be happy to share my work to see the job gets done.

Google Drive Link to

Best regards

P.S. cause i’ve removed all colour tags with icomoon from the svg’s, the icons are now displayed in black and should be easy style able via js and/or css

i’ve updated the set to contain some more missing thing’s. i hope that this is fine. the new icons are basically mixups from the classic icons and the knx one’s.

Update 2
Update 3


Hi Marko,
many thanks for moving that forward. I am currently traveling and will have a look next week.