Knx1 migration to knx2 - auto generation of things file from knxproj

Hello guys,

I finally made the decsision to migrate to knx2.

I was not able to find a conclusive answer if there is an easy way to generate the things file automatically from ETS. I am using ETS4 atm and consider updateing to ETS5 if this brings a comepetitative advantage,

Why automatically. I am maintaining two seperate installations and I want to avoid to create two different representations fo the knx setup in ETS and in OH for each of the installations

Is there an easy way?

I understood there is a lively discussion about integrating such a feature in the knx2 binding. That would be perfect, understood. But simpler solutions like a python script which transferes the content of the knxproj file into a knx.thing file would be alread a good start.

Is there anything available?


Hi Ralf,

I actually wrote a script for converting config files from knx1 to knx2 binding. It can read an ETS4 project file. Don’t know about ETS 5. The script works for me and may not work for everybody out of the box. But definitely it will be a good start to automate that migration part.
See here: for details.

All feedback is welcome