KNX1 to KNX2 Migration: problems with spaces in group addresses


I’ve been using openHAB 2.2 with the knx1 binding for a few months and have a basic setup working. I’d like to upgrade to openHAB 2.3 / knx2 so I just did an upgrade on my test-environment but am still struggling with the knx1-items to knx2-things/items migration.

one issue I just found out, is that the knx2 binding is much more strict with spaces in the group-address configuration as compared to the knx1.

For example, with knx1 I had one item as follows:

Switch OG_SZS_Deckenleuchte {knx=“1/1/7 +< 1/4/7”}

with knx2, following thing-configuration does NOT work:

Thing device MDT_AKS-2016_A22 “Schaltaktor 20f A2.2” [ address=“1.0.11”]
Type switch : Ch_A “Channel A” [ ga=“1/1/7 + <1/4/7” ]

but if I change the channel to:
Type switch : Ch_A “Channel A” [ ga=“1/1/7+<1/4/7” ]

then it works. The difference is only the blank spaces between the mainGA and the listeningGA. In the item-configuration with knx1 this did not matter, but in the thing configuration of knx2 it seems to be a problem (but it does not report anything in the logs… it just does not work)

is this new behaviour on purpose or is it a bug? I like to include spaces to have the different items (now the different thing-channels?) aligned because that makes it easier to read and do mass-updates.