KNX1 to KNX2 Migration Steps

Fuzzy, what DPT are the GA’s?
I also have a bunch of GA that are not tied to any target and seem to work.
My only issue so far is with scene DPT (17.001 and 18.001), the rest so far seems to work.



I also want to migrate to knx2. I updated to openhab 2.3 and it seems I have both bindings installed now. What I am wondering now, is it possible to have some of my items still on knx1 and some of them already in knx2?

I have quite a huge config and will not be able to migrate all at once. So what I wanted to do is take one item of my knx1 config. Create a new items file for my knx2 config and migrate them one by one. Will this work that way?


Did you enable legacy bindings before upgrading to OH2.3? Otherwise, openHAB should have uninstalled knx1.

I don’t know if it’s possible to to use knx1 and knx2 competitively, though there is no real reason why that shouldn’t be possible. Of course both knx1 and knx2 will need a separate communication to the knx bus, so if using a knx/IP tunneling interface, you will need at least 2 tunnels (most modern interfaces support up to 5 tunnels)
Another thing is, you will have to ensure there is no overlapping in group addresses between knx1 and knx2.

I believe that this would be a problem, since both (KNXv1 & KNXv2) use the same Service PID name space (org.openhab.knx) in the ConfigAdmin, so you wouldn’t be able to setup 2 sets of parameters.

Oh, I thought the knx1 binding was renamed to knx1 and that this renaming took place also for configuration?!?

This naming convention (knx1) applies for some areas (like for the addons.cfg)
I just checked in the console (in 2 different OH2 installations, one with knx1 and another with knx2) and both store their config on the same pid config:list "("

It seems like a design/planning “mistake” :slight_smile: but most likely this is intended (because the developers don’t want to allow a parallel installation of a legacy 1.x and 2.x binding)

finally got KNX2 working (fresh & clean OH2.3 install). Quick question: I’ve got integrated temperature sensors in my room switches - do I have to create a [Thing device] for each of them in my knx.things or can I use something like a generic one to retrieve all temperature-GAs within one?

Thanks & BR,

You are free to define a generic Thing or use individual ones…

As I want to benefit from ping-device, I defined all knx devices in my knx.things file and set up all sensors where they belong to, but that is only my definition :slight_smile:

Hi @Udo_Hartmann! Many thanks for your reply - sounds like a plan :slight_smile:!

Is there a documentation which shows the main differences/advantages/disadvantages of KNX1 vs. KNX2 binding?
I’m not sure why I should migrate from KNX1 to KNX2, but there might be good arguments, which I could not find …

in theory: binding development (+enhancements) of knx v2 should be more “active” versus knx v1
otherwise, functionality is the same… stable with both

knx1 has known issues when used with OH2, but this applies not to all users. So, if you don’t observe problems, you can use knx1

I was wondering if you would mind sharing an example of your heating set-up? I’ve got the achaul tempertures being read, but still not clear on the set point control. Thanks!

Hi @Britaway, could you elaborate further? I’m just reading values from my “physical” switches, heating-control runs a little bit different in my case.


Hi @ csi_oh. Thanks for the reply. To be more specific I’m having trouble reading my valve positions and thought that your working solution might give me some hints.

For the things I have used:
‘’’ Type number: EG_gH_Val “Valve” [ ga=“5.001:<12/3/22”] ‘’’

‘’’ Number EG_gH_Val “Valve ist [%d %%]” {channel…} ‘’’

‘’’ Text item=EG_gH_Val ‘’’

I think the issue is that it is not looking for a percentage, but after a couple of hours of reading I still can’t find out how to fix it.

Any ideas??

Thanks, Peter

Hi @Britaway,

First question: what’s being displayed in your sitemap?
Second question: did you have a look in your events.log (search for something like “EG_gH_Val changed from X to Y”?

Narrowing the issue:

  • I’d double-check in ETS if DPT=5.001 is the correct DPT that the sensors (in your case the valves) are actually sending as 5.001
  • Plus (also in ETS) I’d check if the sensor’s channel is read-able by BUS participants


Hi Christian,
Thanks a lot for the reply. It’s a bit embarrassing but I have not been able to get the logs working after the update (I have started this project with 0 experience with OpenHAB, Code, SSH, etc…).
I set the priority to get the main house interface working, then Logs etc, but looks like I need to reconsider that.
I checked in ETS and 5.001 is correct. I was also reading the value before the KNX2 binding “upgrade” with the parameter ‘’’[ knx=“+<5.001:12/3/22”]’’’. In the Sitemap I see “Valve - %”.
I will move the focus to fix the log files then try the valves again later…



Hi @csi_oh,

So I have now got the logs working, but still stuck on valve percentage opening. I see:

2018-10-02 23:30:11.058 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Bad_Eltern_gH_Val changed from 0.44000000 to 0.08000000

So at least it is reading the number. In the paperUI I just see the value as 0% no matter what the real value is.

For items I have:
Number Bad_Eltern_gH_Val "Parents Bathroom Valve [%d %%]" <temperature> (gBad_Eltern, gH_Val, Heizung) { channel="knx:device:bridge:knx:Bad_Eltern_gH_Val" }

Type number : Bad_Eltern_gH_Val "Parents Bathroom Valve" [ ga="5.001:<23/3/22" ]

Group item=gH_Val label="Valve flow" icon="heating"

I checked in KNX and 5.001 is correct. Any idea what could be wrong?

Many thanks,


I’ve decided to upgrade to KNXv2 :wink:

Very helpful instructions here, I’ve got my items and things updated and i can see my light switches going on/off in the log. Also see log messages when i press physical switches in my home - so comms must be good!

However, it seems to be sending a NULL to switch the light on/off - so that’s not working for some reason.

Here’s the log entry when i use the Openhab Paper UI switch…

2018-12-19 09:42:08.552 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'Light_GF_Kitchen_Island' received command ON
2018-12-19 09:42:08.561 [nt.ItemStatePredictedEvent] - Light_GF_Kitchen_Island predicted to become NULL

What have i missed?