KNX2 Migration: Sending on bus triggers endless loop


I am in the process of migrating to KNX2. I got almost everything working as expected - except one special function.

I receive brightness values from my weather station and I use them to send it to the KNX bus in order to control the rollershutters accordingly.

I use a 10 minute floating average in order to not move them to often.

My problem is now that sending the value to the bus triggers an endless loop of updating states and knx telegrams when using the configuration below


Type number-control : solarRadiation [ga="0/2/9"]


Number SolarRadiationAverage "Helligkeit [%.0f lux]" (KNX) {channel="knx:device:knxbridge:rollershutterControl:solarRadiation"}


rule "Send an average value for brightness every time a new value is incoming"


Item WS_SolarRadiation received update


sendCommand(SolarRadiationAverage, WS_SolarRadiation.averageSince(now.minusMinutes(10)) as Number)


When researching the cause of this error I stumbled over the following Github Issue. The recommendation there is to add autoupdate=“false” to the item config.

When doing this, the value ist not send at all.

Can anyone give me an advice on how to fix this error?

Seems that the fix for this problem was to change the sendCommand to postUpdate in the rule and append autoupdate=“false” to the item config