[KNX2] Mismatch between declaration and example of DPT

here is written:


That means “<” stands in front of DPT.

But in examples the DPT is in front of “<”:


Even it’s possible the docs should be more exact.

The definition of the Group Address Notation in README.md seems to be wrong.

This works for me:

Type datetime      : Date1      "Alarm"       [ ga="11.001:<1/5/24" ]

But this doesn’t:

Type datetime      : Date1      "Alarm"       [ ga="<11.001:1/5/24" ]

So ‘<’ must come after the dpt.


Can you please write an issue here.

Norbert, it should definitely be the other way around, i.e. <[DPT]:[GA]. As some people have reported, the binding is not honoring the DPTs, so this might be an artefact.