Kodi Binding Navigate to a specific Path


I have the following Setup:
In my kodi i have a specific path of a Addon set as favourite. This way i can directly navigate to the Entries i want.
That means that my wife directly can access the German tvshow GZSZ directly from Favourites without navigating through kodi.

I try do transfer this step to habpanel, so my wife can pull the trigger and kodi directly navigates to the defined point. With the kodi Binding i have no idea, how i could realised this. There is a playfavorite channel, that does not seem to work. I also get no favorites available in State options (checked with rest api). does any other way exist, so i can directly navigate to a plugin:// path?

Best regards

Hi Dennis,

Yesterday I had some minutes to perform some tests on the playfavorite channel and your requirements to open a path. I discovered a different way to open a favorite which is not a media item and thus cannot be played but which is a path to a specific addon or window in the Kodi UI. I implemented and contributed an updated version:

You can find a test version of the new feature attached to the PR. It now should be possible to use the playfavorite channel to open any kind of user defined favorite. The PR will need some days to be available in the snapshot release but you can install the test version of the binding manually.

Have fun.