Kodi binding

Who is the maintainer of the OH2 Kodi binding?

In general the best way to find out who is the maintainer or last active developer for a binding is to check the history of changes on GitHub:

As you can see “pail23” is the answer. My next guess would be that his name is @pail_frank23 in this community :slight_smile:

Thank you sir

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I just tried to find the OH kodi binding on github, unfortunately only got the message “nothing is here”

main reason are my test with OH3 but the lack of the kodi binding for OH3. I would like to get in touch with the last maintainer to find out how much work it might be to migrate the Kodi binding to OH3.


  1. Who is the last maintainer of the Kodi binding or how do I find out?

  2. Is there any OH binding migration how to?

Thank You


I am.

On GitHub there is a CODEOWNERS file which contains the relevant information.

Yes, the OH2 Kodi binding is working in OH3. It should work like written in the docs. If not please tell me what you did and how the result looks like. We will figure it out.

Thanks for the quick response. Here is what I did.

I do run OH3 latest image in docker on Linux. When I try to add the Kodi binding, I do find all my previous used, but not the Kodi binding. Did I overlooked any hints to use the Kodi binding for OH2?

Is there anything missing in my description what I did or is it just Christmas that is delaying an answer? Just wondering because the initial reply came so fast.

It seems so stupid, I just realized that I already installed the Kodi Binding. That was the reason why I couldn’t find it to install.

Would it be a big deal to show installed addons when a search is done to install an additional one?

Thank You

Sry, for late reply. First of all I am glad you got it working. Please file feature request on GitHub: Issues · openhab/openhab-webui · GitHub. Thanks.