Kodi inputaction audionextlanguage

hey guys,

hope someone can help me with this.
im currently moving from simple control over to openhab. been a very slow process due to working alot.
i think im almost done with the change over. but im having a lil issue with audio next language.
i sometimes get a problem where kodi doesnt play a audio language.
with simple control i can use audio next button(im assuming its audionextlanguage) and it will fix it. whether it has 1 language or more.
with openhab when i use audionextlanguage it will work only if there is 2 languages or more.
i need help to work out how to get it to work with only 1 language or more.

hope you can help

I don’t quite get what you are asking.
If there is 1 language, it will not work anyway.
So it needs 2 languages (At a minimum). This is your “2 languages or more”. It is also the “or more” in your “1 or more”.
So openHAB enables this only if there are at least 2 languages available. That make sense.

but with simple control it would do it with a minimum of 1 language.
so when kodi dosent play any audio language but there is only 1 language available. i can then hit the button and it would then start playing the language. but openhab wont let me do that if there is only 1 language. where simple control would

Is there not a default language option in Kodi so that it starts playing with a language anyway?

normally it plays the audio with out any intervention. it only happens around 1 out of 10 ep/movies randomly. and this was my work around. but i think i just worked out another work around though. which is to stop the ep/movie and start it again looks to fix it too. (just happened and tried it)