Kodi inputaction


I’m running OH2 and Kodi binding 2.2.0 on Ubuntu 16.04

How can I update my kodi binding to use the new inputaction channel?


Hi Lee,

You can archive that in two ways. First is to upgrade to the snapshot version, second is to download the current .jar file of the binding and install it manually by putting it into your addons folder.

Hi Lee,

Uninstall your current Kodi binding first. Download the new file here. For the rest have a look here: https://docs.openhab.org/installation/linux.html#installing-add-ons.

what is the inpunctuation channel interested i run alot of kodi installs in my house

Hi Aaron,

The inputaction channel allows you to send a predefined action to Kodi to control the UI and/or perform other tasks (see https://github.com/openhab/openhab2-addons/tree/master/addons/binding/org.openhab.binding.kodi#channels).

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wow thanks for that Chris thats a huge list of added commands i definitely could make use of some of them

Yes, this new feature is a huge advantage and adds a lot of possibilities for some implementations (e.g. HABPanel Kodi Remote or HABPanel Kodi Remote).

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YESS!!! didnt think about that its something i have been thinking about im still pretty new too all this but its on my list of things too try too do i would also like a progress bar for whats now playing not seen much about that

how do you update OH looking at the docs i can see how to update the main OH install (copy new ver over the old ver) are bindings included or do you have to manually update bindings

im scared too update anything updates normally break stuff


Nice idea. A few days ago another guy asked for requesting the duration of a movie/track/song etc. too. Sounds to be worthy enough to implement a new channel for it. :wink:

I guess you just found the place where you have to look for instructions. Additionally you can scroll up to post #4.

Especially now there’s a chance to build a habpannel remote a progress bar would fit nice

So its a manual process is this the case for every binding everytime theres a new version (uninstall old install new) iv not updated anything yet this would be the first time like a said bit scared tbh don’t fully understand how OH works (just looked at addons section you linked still confused on that)

How do you know when there are new versions of the bindings this is the first i have seen of a binding update

I followed the FAQ procedure and karaf lists the new version of the binding but PaperUI doesn’t show the new inputaction channel.

Am I missing something?

Did you create your Kodi thing before updating or after updating to latest version? If it was before you maybe have to recreate it.

//EDIT: Please be aware that the inputaction is an advanced channel which is hidden by default in PaperUI. You have to click in the “show more” button to collapse all channels.

Re-creating the Kodi thing revealed the new channels, thanks for all your help.

I’m glad you got it working. You’re welcome.

No, it isn’t. This was only one way of many. E.g. you’re always on the newest version of all bindings if you use the snapshot.

We have a new snapshot version nearly every day. Sometimes more than one, sometimes less. One way to keep track of that is to subscribe to the RSS feed on cloudbees.com.

Thanks m8

One question: Which data do you need for a progress bar? Of course the duration / runtime of the current track and the currentTime. Are seconds enough or additionally a value in percent (e.g. currentTimePercantage)?

seconds would be fine percentages would be a bonus

I finally found some time to incorporate your requested features. Feedback will be very much appreciated.

i will have a look and get back to you i need to update my binding first