Kodi installation on raspberry pi 3 along with openhab2

I have a raspberry pi 3 with openhab 2 setup and running with no problems. I installed openhab 2 from this tutorial.
Now I want to install kodi and use the raspberry simultaneously as my home automation server and a media player.
Which tutorial should I use to install kodi properly? I had read in this forum that some people have problems with the ports that openhab uses during start up.
Thank you

I would not recommend installing both on one Pi.
I have not tried it, but I would guess the system has not enough memory for both.
And once openhab has not enough memory it starts to swap out the rules and it take a couple of seconds to ececute rules and commands.
At least that is what I experianced when I had another “big” application running beside openhab.

But installing Kodi on raspbian is very easy nowerdays.

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Thank you very much for your answer Christoph

I use both (even plus hyperion to drive led backlight) on one machine (RPi3) without bigger issues. However it caused quite high CPU temperature (about 70°C during summer) on idle and sometimes full HD videos are dropping few frames during playback (reboot helps if the issue persists).

Besides that everything works fine but I don’t use many rules and my setup is quite simple (about 20 items more or less).

I’ve installed OSMC via installer and then openhab, influx, grafana using apt.

Thank you Pawel

I am facing a problem to run Kodi along with openHAB. I run openHAB 2.1.0 in a quite fresh and clean installation. after updating, upgrading and installing Kodi via command line I try to run it from there. but instead I get an error message: "* failed to add service - already in use? segmentation fault (core dumped) crash report available at home /openhabian/kodi_crashlog…

I have done some research on google, installed mesa-utils for example. done reboots each time, but still get this crash. I am happy to provide the log, if wanted. it might be of interest that my graphics are on-board Intel 520. any help is appreciated!

I have put the crashlog to pastebin - please see here: http://paste.debian.net/999616/

is there anybody that has had the same challenge or a solution?

ok, it is solved - got Kodi running in parallel to openHAB. had to change raspi-config ‘Advanced Settings’ with

  1. give the GPU 256MB RAM and
  2. select the legacy display driver