Kodi playing video lights

Hey guys, new to the site and new to Openhabian
I’m coming from Vera plus but found it locked up allot and was getting slow and sluggish.

I’m trying to setup my kodi with Openhab and im finding out that there is no kodi plugin in kodi. Vera had a nice plugin that would trigger scenes in Vera over HTTP reqest. i still have the plugin on my kodi. Now I’m struggeling with Openhab trying to find out what is video and what is music. (dont dim the lights when playing music) With the vera plugin this was 100% accurate.

my question: can i make openhab listen to HTTP requests from the kodi.vera addon?

the vera addon would just request Scene numbers (scene 1 = lights dim)(scene 2 = lights back to normal)
if i could trigger rules based on that it would work 100%

Look here for controlling openHAB via HTTP.

But I yould suggest to setup your actions via rules in openhab.

For example:
Setup a rule that gets trigger when control changed to PLAY and check if mediatype is not music.

Thanks For your reply Christoph.
Yeah i have it running with the control feature. but with all the streaming these days the plugin can’t seem so figure out if i’m playing music or video. allot of times it shows UNKNOWN. The vera plugin was 100% right spot on.
seems like KODI is better at deciding what its doing then trying to scan the json output pulling from kodi.
anyone else using the HTTP with KODI?