Kodi to openHAB

I would like to switch lights/power off music with my harmony remote.
Rules should not trigger when Kodi plays or stops or whatever, but only when i’m pressing a button on the remote (that triggers nothing else on kodi).
press button > Kodi sends “command” to openHAB > openHAB switches light
As far as i got it the kodi/xbmc binding is not the right approach, but what is?


I don’t have a Harmony remote, but can you have that button just ‘control’ something outside of Kodi? And OH2 can monitor that On|Off state to control the lights and music as needed.


This is discussed in another thread as well, but I’m not aware of a solution to your question. Would be great if you could trigger rules via remote/kodi.

I haven’t doe this, but I think the proper solution would be not using kodi at all.

In most cases your Harmony does not send commands to Kodi, but to some software that converts your IR-signals to keypresses.
Like lirc (https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Lirc/)

You the question is: "How can I configure lirc to execute a specifig command when key XY is pressed.

This command could be a HTTP request (wget/curl) or a mqqt command.

But like I said, I have not done this or do know if this would even be possible.

you’re right, harmony goes to kodi through Lirc!
What should a command look like?