Konnected alarm - What a people using for keypad replacement

I’m planning to replace my existing alarm with a Konnected alarm panel. I see there is a binding in openhab, and that looks promising.

I’ve yet to decide how to control the alarm, and I wanted to survey the community to see if anyone has a solution they like.

Using trusted mobile devices works for the residents of the house, but I have occasional need to give service people access while we are gone, and I need to retain the “chime” function (the beep when a door gets opened).

My fist idea was to use a Piezo Buzzer for the chime, and a z-wave remote to control the alarm. Nothing wrong with that, but I think it’s good to have a status panel to see if any doors/windows are open before turning on the alarm. I also don’t know if the z-wave remote would be intuitive enough for service people that are not familiar with my alarm.

I like the idea of a smart panel. Ideally, I would like to have a public view, but the alarm controls would need to be protected. Are anyone using tablet, and if so you using the lock feature on the device itself, or do you have some other way to put in a pin to unlock the alarm part?

I just discovered HABPanel, and I need to read more about that. Is anyone using this for an alarm keypad?

As anyone an idea to replace the Piezo Buzzer with sound coming from the tablet? It would be nice to have different sounds for different doors, or maybe other events would trigger notifications on the tablet.