Konnected Pro Binding Outputs Bug


I’m in the process of setting up an alarm sounder and am having some problems,
I notice that when configuring the channels in PaperUI that when you go to configure the alarm1 output, the popup shows Output1 and vice-versa.
I’m not sure if this is the source of my problem but it isn’t right so seems a likely culprit!!

I am using openhab 2, my boards have the latest firmware. Inputs work perfectly.

Screen clips of the channel section showing Alarm1 and what is seen when editing it where you can clearly see it shows Output1 and not Alarm1

Screenshot from 2021-02-12 19-02-26|444x160

Screenshot from 2021-02-12 19-02-46

(you’ll have to click to show the first screen clip as I can’t embed 2 as I am a new user)

Has anyone else got outputs working with the Pro board in Openhab?



So, I’m somewhat disappointed that Konnected don’t mention that the binding is community supported only. Would be nice if they put some $ into it.

Being on my own, I’ve discovered two bugs.

In the KonnectedHandler.class, the sendActuatorCommand sends the payload to /device on the Konnected Pro. It should sent it to /zone. I have verified this via the RESTClient.

Additionally, the thing-types.xml is the source of the output1/alarm1 mix up. You can see in the code snippet below that the Alarm 1 label is aligned to the Output1 option.

		<label>Alarm 1</label>
		<description>The Alarm 1 Output on the Konnected Pro</description>
			<parameter name="zone" type="text" required="true">
				<label>Zone Number</label>
				<description>The Zone Number of the channel.</description>
					<option value="13">Output1</option>

It has been many years since I did any java coding but I’m going to attempt to recompile this.
Will report back when I have been able to…

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