Kostal Binding Power to Grid channel missing

Hi there,
I just installed the Kostal Binding for my Plenticore plus 4.2 without battery and I was curiuous there is no channel for the power I spent to the grid. Is that right or am I missing something?
Any other ideas on how I can measure the power to grid.

thanks in advantage

I,m the one who has done the Secondgeneration (Piko 10-20) part of this binding. I don’t think that he who does the Third ( Piko Iq, Plenticore ) part is active on this forum, so I will do mys best so far to help you.
If I look for all available channels for this part so is a guess that it might be the Channel like device-local-ac-current-power, AC Power.
Please, have a try.
Br Basse

Thanks for the reply. The local AC currentPower was sadly not what I was searching for. Local AC seems to be the current production of solar energy. What I meant is the surplus of solar energy spent to the grid as seen in the picture below (102W)

Hi, yea I see now what you meen. What I have found so far is that there is also a channel for Home consumption, as I think is the one with a happy house, in README as: deviceLocalOwnconsumption Current own comsumption.

Could you Please, try and see the different values from the two Channels regarded to what you see in Plenticore’s Webserver, so far as possible at the same time.

What I’m trying to figure out is what values these two channels deliver to OH3, and there relationship to the info. from Webserver Menu.

I will be busy over the weekend, but I will try to be back asap. We can also use Wireshark to do some scraping and see what we got from there.

Br Basse

Hi, I just checked that and realized, that those two values are always about the same value. It’s apparently the value that the home is consuming ATM