Kostal Binding Power to Grid channel missing

Hi there,
I just installed the Kostal Binding for my Plenticore plus 4.2 without battery and I was curiuous there is no channel for the power I spent to the grid. Is that right or am I missing something?
Any other ideas on how I can measure the power to grid.

thanks in advantage

I,m the one who has done the Secondgeneration (Piko 10-20) part of this binding. I don’t think that he who does the Third ( Piko Iq, Plenticore ) part is active on this forum, so I will do mys best so far to help you.
If I look for all available channels for this part so is a guess that it might be the Channel like device-local-ac-current-power, AC Power.
Please, have a try.
Br Basse

Thanks for the reply. The local AC currentPower was sadly not what I was searching for. Local AC seems to be the current production of solar energy. What I meant is the surplus of solar energy spent to the grid as seen in the picture below (102W)

Hi, yea I see now what you meen. What I have found so far is that there is also a channel for Home consumption, as I think is the one with a happy house, in README as: deviceLocalOwnconsumption Current own comsumption.

Could you Please, try and see the different values from the two Channels regarded to what you see in Plenticore’s Webserver, so far as possible at the same time.

What I’m trying to figure out is what values these two channels deliver to OH3, and there relationship to the info. from Webserver Menu.

I will be busy over the weekend, but I will try to be back asap. We can also use Wireshark to do some scraping and see what we got from there.

Br Basse

Hi, I just checked that and realized, that those two values are always about the same value. It’s apparently the value that the home is consuming ATM

I just took a little more investigation on this and realized, that those value gets negative sometimes, but not always when power is spent to grid. Most of the time power is spent, it shows 0.00. This is HomeConsumptionGrid Channel.


That’s also my experience. Today my PlenticorePlus10[1] did some feed-in and the usual battery “jittery flatline” while home consumption from the battery, but HomeConsumptionGrid stayed 0.0 at that time of feed-ins. The moment I consumed grid power it went positive, but it didn’t go negative at all?

Plenticore Plus 10 BYD 10
HW version: 0202
MC/IOC version: 01.70

just a question, do you have an external powermeter connected to your inverter. I have found a document describing the different modbus addresses used by such equipment and then seems it like the values could be either + or - regarded to if it is (+) Power supply, (-) feed-in for Total active power.
Br Basse

Yes, I use the “Kostal Energy Manager” in my constellation. I don’t know about the API, but the modbus registers are like they’re described in this document from Kostal: https://www.kostal-solar-electric.com/de-de/produkte/hybrid-wechselrichter/plenticore-plus/-/media/document-library-folder---kse/2020/12/15/13/38/ba_kostal-interface-description-modbus-tcp_sunspec_hybrid.pdf
(linked from PLENTICORE plus: the all-rounder as a hybrid inverter)

is there some swagger documentation available on the kostal webserver?

I was just thinking about the negativ values that @drummercrm described, he also might have an powermeter, we have to wait and see if he will answer. I have very little experience of Plenticore so this about the power-meter was new to me.
I will now try to find out about the different channels in OH3, and how they are related to the values described in Inverter Menu.
I think you already have the document as: PLENTICORE-plus_BA_En.pdf otherwise Please just let me know.

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Yes, I have this document. You mean, how the information on the menu of the inverter at the front match?

Or actually the Webpage for the inverter, but they should be the same I assume. Inverter meny and Webpage regarded to the different channels in OH3 is what I will try to complete.

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Just another question, regarded to PLENTICORE-plus_BA_EN.pdf 3.6 Fig. 27 and 28
How is your meter connected, Position 1 or 2.
It seems like position 2 is the solution for to measure the power sent to grid and also if so measure the power got from grid.
I will have a look in the logfile about the Entry’s like: Total E & OWN E & HOME E and see what they will deliver for values.

Hi there,
I’m not quite sure what exactly you mean with external power meter. But if it’s that thing metering the energy consumption from and to grid (2-way-meter or,as we call it in germany: “smart meter”) then yes. Its an EMH Smart Meter with IR interface. I bought a “Hichi IR” Reading head a for that IR interface a few month ago. While reading the IR Interface, I get positive and negative values, but not from the Kostal Plenticore Inverter.

I’m also powering an AC ELWA Heating unit (warm water boiler) with “unused” power from the PV, so that the spend power “to grid” is most of the time less than 100W (currently, in the winter month).

I’ll have a look later, when I’m home.

no. not at all. The “grid smart meter” is not under the control of any Kostal product.
You can add a KSEM: smart recording of self-consumption to your setup and this one talks via modbus protocol with the inverter. So you gain additional information to use - and not only the “inverter-only” information.

If you don’t know about that device, that means you don’t have it in your installation quite possibly! :wink:

Thank you for the clarification. Thats the device my electrician described to me as “kind of internal switch for the inverter to talk to the heating unit (AC ELWA)”. So yes, I have that smart meter in my installation :slight_smile:

Great so far, so we have to have different ways to look at yours measurment of power.

First, I am trying to figure out the differences between HomeConsumption and OwnConsumption. The different ‘channels’ are named different but with rather close names in modbus-termonology and OH3 and also in Web-page.

@binderth I think that when you have an meter connected with modbus, will the values be in OH3-channels / modbus like:
Home Consumption Battery / Home own consumption from battery
Home Consumption Grid / Home own consumption from grid
Home Consumption PV / Home own consumption from PV
Home Consumption / Total home consumption
As far as I could understand should these values differ depending on which Position of the modbus-connected meter you have choosen.
This is just a qualified guess, Please right me if I’m wrong.

Regarded to have the inverter measuring the consumption do I have to do some more searching,
and the very same with HomeConsumption/OwnConsumption.

@drummercrm I think that your electrician is talking about is the 10.2 Connection for self-consumption control.

Lots of thougts, but we keep on digging.

If the values are somehow different depending on how and where the KSEM is situated! :wink:
I just checked, my installation looks like Fig. 28. - after the inverter.

Wouldn’t it be easier for all of us if we have the very same value for all mesurements, let’s say 42 :wink:

I have had a look at an PIKOIQ85 without battery and power meter with configuration as Energy meter: not used. I can see in manual that this is were you also choose Position for your meter.
I my case are all HomeConsumption allways 0.0, in current, in statistic, in logfile and this what I can expect with this setup so no problem with that.

I read in the documents as “Preference should be given to position 1 as
it offers better measurement accuracy.” Do you maybe have any thoughts about that? I think that if you measure the power spent to grid ( Pos.2 ) and know the PV power and battery power it is possible to do some counting and deliver the homeconsumption and if you measure the homeconsumption (Pos.1 ) you should be able to count power spent to grid , hm.

Still an unsolved issue is HomeConsumption/OwnConsumption, can you see any differences between those values in statistic or logfile or are the always the same?

Is your EMH Smart Meter with IR interface connected to the Inverter? Please, see in PLENTICORE-plus_BA_EN.pdf 3.6 Page 55 information about energy meters.
I have tried to find your meter on net, but there are several of EMH meters, and I can’t either find info. about if they have an Modbus RTU interface, which is as far I can understand the protocol you have to use for to deliver values to the inverter. Please, right me if I am wrong.

yes, of course. “HomeConsumption” measures the whole consumption - regardless the source. “Ownconsumption” measures PV/battery-power only.
So, there identical, if you use PV/battery - if there’s purchase from the grid, they differ accordingly

I don’t know, if the inverter itself “knows” the installation in some way. My guess was, that the inverter’s measurements are combined with the KSEM measurements and then put together in the interfaces to read (the REST-API or modbus both)? but that’s a guess only.

the Kostal Smart Energy Meter does communicate with the inverter via Modbus RTU. That’s why my guess is, that in either installation the “missing” measurements come together…?