KOSTAL Inverter Battery Capacity wrong


I successfully installed the KOSTAL inverter binding on my OH3 instance. I checked all the channel values and they are all correct except the battery capacity. I own a BYD HVS Premium with 7.7KWh but the binding shows 90000.01 C as capacity.

What could be wrong here?


I can confirm the value.
But I’m not sure, if it’s a error in binding, or if this value is really delivered by the Kostal inverter.

Okay @Joerg_Schreiner , thank you! I will take a closer look using tcpdump…or at the binding’s source code if available.


Note to myself: it’s not an error :grinning: - The given value is 90000 C(coulomb). Which means 25Ah (acc. to the data sheet of the HVS7.7 this is the maximum output current). Multiplied by the nominal voltage of 307V one gets 7.7 kWh (E=U * I * t).

@Joerg_Schreiner : do you have different capacity?

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No, I have exactly the same value with a 7.7 kWh system.
I wondered, what this “C” meant.
Thanks for clarifying this.