kWh of Zwave devices not resetting

I have been having trouble getting some of my zwave devices to reset the kWh counter every month. For some reason the kWh of my aeotec nano dimmers, innovelli switch, 1 chanel of fibaro double switch, and zooz and fibaro rgbw controllers. All of these are zwave devices. Has anyone else had a similar problem or an idea of why they might not reset?

Controller: raspberry pi 4b (8gig) raZberry 2 zwave hat Openhabian

Usually there is a reset channel (switch type) that needs to be linked and thrown. Are you using that or do you have some cron rule that flips the switch every month?


A cron rule and I’ve tried using the reset kWh channel switch outside of the cron rule

Then I don’t know. I’m assuming you are waiting after throwing a switch for the KWH report frequency to go one cycle?