Kwikset smart code 912 issues excluding and including

I got a kwikset 912 door lock the first time I included it it was recognized and I was able to link all the channels but I couldn’t actually control it through openHAB or change any of the settings so I excluded it and reset it waited a day and included it again but it came back as the same node. I’m pretty sure it was excluded properly because it didn’t show up when I scanned for it again till I actually went to include it. And I am still having the same problem as before. Has anyone else experienced this issue or have a idea of what is going wrong?

A lock must be factory reset before it can be securely included into a network again. I believe that is a security requirement.

I preformed a manual reset after I excluded it, would it make a difference if I reset it via the device settings in paperUI?

You need to factory reset the device using the instructions from its manual. It cannot be done externally.

I reset it through paperUI

Then excluded it then did a manual factory reset twice then included it but I still have the same problem

I reset it through paperUI

You cannot factory reset the device through the Paper UI. According to the manual in our database this is how you perform a factory reset.

I did that as well

When you reset the device, is it reincluding with the same node id, or a different node id?

What do the logs show is happening?

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The first time I tried it didn’t change the node and I’m pretty sure I reset it manually properly. the second time it changed the node. the log says that secure inclusion failed the second time I don’t know about the first time.

I had a similar issue with my Yale locks. The issue is the locks (and only my locks) would not re-include or exclude using OH. To fully exclude, I removed my zstick from the computer and manually excluded using the exclude function on the stick. I was then able to reinstall the stick, restart OH, and do a new inclusion using the Paper UI. I do believe this is a security feature specific for locks.

I also had a challenge with inclusion for one of my locks that doesn’t have a powered zwave device near it to get a strong signal. These locks really want to speak directly to the controller. I removed the radio from the lock I was having issues secure including and installed it in a lock closer to the controller. After I was able to get it to include, I moved the radio back to the lock and all worked fine.

Chances are it was not reset as it would almost certainly have been given a new node ID if it was reset.

It only kept the node the first time but after excluding and resetting a couple more times it started working thanks for the help!

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Glad it’s working :slight_smile:

Secure inclusion can be problematic - everything needs to “line up” properly for it to work. There are tight time constraints - from inclusion to the end of the key exchange must all happen within ~15 seconds, so it doesn’t take much to mess this up, and if it fails, then you have to reset the device and start again. If you happen to do the inclusion when there is a lot of traffic, and this causes some delays, it doesn’t take a lot for it to fail.

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