Kwikset Smart Convert Zigbee Lock -- No status update when lock changed manually

Using the latest Zigbee 2.4.0 snapshot, I have a Kwikset smart convert lock joined to openhab. It shows up as: " Kwikset SMARTCODE_CONVERT_GEN1". The lock thing has channels for temperature, battery level, battery voltage, and lock state. I’ve gotten items created to show the lock state, and I can toggle it from the dashboard and the lock respond by opening or closing the deadbolt. However, I do not seem to get any state change when I manually open or close the deadbolt.

Any idea if this is not supported by the lock, or is it something missing from the binding? Or did I just screw something up with my item file?


I don’t have that lock and the little I do understand of my own Kwikset 916 lock is that a manual turn of the lock does not send an update.

But you can probably get an update on checking the alarm code on the lock and rule. See this post here:

Hmm. I don’t see that alarm channel for my device.

I think we have some sort of mixup. The post from @ptmuldoon is a ZWave link. There is pretty limited support in the ZigBee binding for locks at the moment - mainly because they are nearly impossible to find on this side of the pond :frowning: .

Ah, ok. Is there anything I can provide to help add support? Would a debug log of me discovering the device be useful?

My guess is that either the device doesn’t report this (which I would be surprised if that’s the case), or the bind failed (this is the command that is sent to tell the device to send reports), or your device uses different reporting than I’ve currently added.

If the bind failed, then it should be retried next time the binding starts, so probably this would work itself out, and if it’s using different reporting, I don’t think the debug log will help.

I’ve been trying to find a ZigBee lock in the EU, but it seems impossible. I’m seeing if I can get a cheap one from the US so I can better add this support.

I see other channels on the device, although it is listed as a generic device:


ZigBee Device

Generic ZigBee Device

My guess, then, is that the reporting is different. If I run across a cheap(ish) Zigbee lock here, I’ll send it to you. Meantime, let me know if there’s anything I can do. Thanks.

This is correct - every ZigBee device is listed as a generic device - this is how the binding works. It looks at the device, and creates channels depending on what the device reports.

Thanks - I’ve purchased one from the USA - it should be here in a week or so

Hello, @chris! Any update on this? Thanks!

Yes, and, no…

I have received the lock, and have used it to create some lock configuration parameters. I did look at the status updates, but I’ve forgotten the outcome now… I recall it is reasonably complicated - well - maybe complicated is the wrong word, but there were a number of options for reporting status and it’s not something I’ve had the chance to look at in detail yet.

Ok, thanks. I suspect there’s nothing I can do to help sort that out (not being a Zigbee / Java expert), but if there is, please do let me know.

Hello, Chris. Any progress on this front? Thanks!