Label Cell as Widget


is there the “Label Cell” with the same style and features as “Label Card” available. The current “Label Card” has another style as the “Label Cell”.

Without getting more detail about your actual use case, it sounds like what you want is the base oh-cell

I don’t need a cell, I need a “label cell” as card/widget. It is a formatting topic on pages.

It is still not clear what you are asking for. You can add whatever text or item state you wish to the display of an oh-cell so there’s no such thing as a “label cell”. From the almost zero information you’ve provided, it sounds like the oh-cell has the formatting you want and you can out an oh-cell anywhere you can put another widget, so why can’t you use the oh-cell?

Perhaps if you provide the details about what you are trying to do and what is not working for you it will become more clear:

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