Label = " Makes sitemap unable to load

It’s not a big issue, however it should be fixed or noted in the documentation.

If you in your sitemap by accident put a label space = … sitemap will not load,
It should be label= " … So after = you can have as many spaces as you want, but NOT before…

Not a big deal for me, because the log pointed me straight to the typo, but I thought I should let the community know and maybe add a note on :

Similiar is also the case for

[%.1f °C]

which does not render correctly unless you use the right file encoding… Which also in my opinion should be mentioned in the documentation.

Let me know if I should add a pull request on the documentation.

I think both are mentioned in the docs:

sitemap <sitemapname> label="<title of the main screen>" {
    [all sitemap elements]

Important note: All text files must be created with UTF-8 encoding. When using Visual Studio Code, this encoding is already set by default.

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Maybe cross reference it? To also mentioned it in items,sitemap files as well?

it is not explitily written label =“jgskjgks” does not work

because label= "sjdkgsldgjl … does work…

And it is kinda strange that white-spaces are not allowed like in most other languages… so its easy for beginners and even me after not doing OH for a year when coming back to OH I automatically typed label = "foo because that’s how its common in other languages… I do not know hard it is to fix this in the next release of OH.

You used the tilted Quotation marks! On purpose? You have to use the straight ones!

Just marked the text and pressed quote… Is that wrong?

In short,Yes!
Some “smart” editors automatically set those quotation marks.

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