Label problems when using Switches with more than 2 values

Im using the following example code in my sitemaps:

sitemap page_e2b4f5e31e label="New Sitemap" {
    Switch icon="window" item=MechanicalHandle_WindowHandleState label="Balkonfenster" mappings=[OPEN=offen,TILTED=gekippt,CLOSED=geschlossen]
    Switch item=KNX_Gerat_BWM_Infrarotstrahler_Zimmer_Heizmodus label="Heizmodus" mappings=[1=Komfort,2=Abwesend,3=Nacht,4=Frost]

It works fine. Except between the label and the buttons, openhab writes the value of the items. It does that in the app and in basicui.

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 17-45-28 New Sitemap

How do I get rid of these texts?

Add [] to the end of the label. That should suppress display of the state.

label="Balkonfenster []"

It works perfectly. Thank you!