Label text color does not change on update

I didn’t find any other thread searching the forum, sorry if it’s a known bug.

I’m using the app from the play store (version 2.6.9) on a Xiaomi Poco Phone F1 with MUIU 10.3.4 based on Android 9.

I have an item which changes the label text color based on its state:

Text item=AlarmSystemStatus_Output label="[MAP(]" valuecolor=[>4="red",>2="yellow",==1="green"] icon="alarm" 

When the item changes, the icon and the label text change accordingly, but the label color does not; I need to pull down to refresh to make the text color right.

Thank you

Hi Alessio,

thank you for posting. When you’re looking for known issues, please browse the github repo for the android app.

As I’ve also had this on my todo-list, I’ve created the issue for both of us :slight_smile:


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Thank you very much!

Just for clarity, the label text colour isn’t supposed to change, that is the text that appears on the left like “Bedroom Light”
valuecolor= controls the colour of the text on the right representing the state, in your case the product of your MAP

I think your label text is actually made blank by
but if there were any it could be controlled with labelcolor=

My bad…I meant value color :woozy_face:
of course in my definition with that mapping there is no “label text” but just the “value text”
Thank you for pointing it out

This issue has been fixed: