Label values formatting in paper ui

is it possible to format item values like following in paper ui?

Number Livingroom_Temperature "Temperature [%.1f °C]"

i want to use [%.1f °C] part.

That will display the value in the Paper UI. That UI is just for administrating OH not for daily usage. The Basic UI is designed for that.

This formatting will be used by PaperUI (I have it on mine, see below). If it doesn’t work the way you want, we maybe do not understand what you are really after.



how can i add voltage -> V, current -> A, energy today -> W ???

Follow the examples!

"Voltage [%.0f V]"
"Current [%.3f A]"
"energy today [%.3f W]"

where should i write these?

Just like your example in the first post.

but it is from a config file. not from paperui???

Did u made this with config files?

Sure, I configured all my items with .item files. You have to note the PaperUI is an Administrative UI, it was never meant to be used as the UI to control your home, the control section just shows all items that are linked to a thing. No special formatting was foreseen.

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Thank you very much.