Label Widget

This widget provides a text-box (label) with the ability to change the text orientation.

Tested with: FireFox, Chrome, Edge, IE

MyLabel.widget.json (3.4 KB) V1
MyLabel.widget.json (4.6 KB) V2 new: letter spacing & URL/Dashboard link on click

This widget can be used to transform the Dashboard-Label of a page (see new experimental dashboard feature: customer widget).

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Can you post more informations please.

added the json to the first post.


thank you for that - i am having problems with labels in general. They have the same height as the other boxes with switches etc.
Can you please explain on how i can make those label boxes thinner? Ideally only the half size so being thinner than all other elements…

thank you,

thnx for the widget i use it to define my rooms light switches and its so cool.I have a request though,can you add or modify it so it can be used also as a switch?

I added to the first post the last version of my widget.
Ist now supporting URL/Dashboard links and letter spacing.
In addition you can use it as “Dashboard Label” (experimental feature - customer widget).

Same here