Labelcolor and valuecolor not fully working for me

Using openHAB 1.8.1 with classicui I have the following:
Text item=Lounge_Temperature label=“Lounge Temperature [%.2f °C ]” icon=“temperature” valuecolor=[Heating_Enable==“ON”=“yellow”,Heating_Enable!=“ON”=“red”]

The color shows correctly if the page is refreshed (in Android app or in browser) but does not change automatically if the state of Heating_Enable changes in the background. Heating_Enable is a Switch item. I see the same problem with labelcolor.

Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding the feature?

I don’t think the ON should be a string in the comparison.

Thanks for helping.
In fact I don’t think it matters, the result is the same in both cases. The fact that it does show the correct colour when the screen is refreshed suggests the actual test is working, but it is not updating it when the value changes. I wonder whether the fact that the item being tested is not the item being displayed is significant. All the examples I have found are changing the colour based on the value of the thing being displayed, which is not what I am doing. The docs suggest what I am doing should work though.

I should have said I have tried it with and without quotes.

In question of quotes or no quotes see so no quotes would fit.

In question of **un-**dynamic colors I think this is an Issue if colors are not updated without manual refreshing.

Thanks Udo. I have submitted an issue report. The problem is a little more subtle than I originally thought, I have detailed it in the report.