Labeling of charts not working


I am defining two charts in my sitemap as follows:

Frame label="Testdiagramm" {
     Chart item=KitchenTemperature period=h refresh=7200 icon="temperature" label="Temperatur Küche"             
     Chart item=KitchenTemperature period=h refresh=7200     

The result I get is the same for both charts:

How do I use the icon and label settings so that they show on the sitemap?


Isn’t that what the legend=true option is for?

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This is what legend=true is doing:

That is because the item labels are used.

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And that means…?

Just check the item definition file. At the item definitions, it is very probably named “Kitchen temperature”. Just rename it to “Küchentemperatur” in the item definition file, then it should also show in the chart.

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