Lamp + Loudspeaker + Alarm-Cloud + ... (a bit like Symfonisk Sonos from Ikea)

our 14 year old son saw at the IKEA Market Symfonisk Sonos and wants to have it. But I’m not sure if it the best solution. We don’t have iPhones, no support for Bluetooth, … I think he will not be so happy. In addition, the Sonos app is being rated increasingly badly.
But may be a product that can be connected to our OpneHab-Server would be an idea.

But is there product that has the following possibilities?

  • controllable lamp (via OpenHab) to have a wakeup-light
  • loudspeaker (WLAN to connect to Internet-Radio + Bluetooth to connect to Android-Smartphone)
  • perhaps also with display and clock/alarm clock

Is there such a thing or would we have to build it yourself? Is there already a manual or instruction to create something like that? We have technical knowledge (electrician + programmer) and a 3D printer.

I curious to see if you know anything :wink:

Some questions:
Why Bluetooth? IMHO most (young) people are using a streaming services and do not have their music stored on the device.
No IPhone, so what! I’m using SONOS Players, all controlled via Android and openHAB. We are listening to Internet radio and our music stored on a NAS.
Regarding the display an Echo Show would come into play ( no lamp, no Bluetooth, unable to play music from own NAS).

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Ive been looking for similar. Have you looked at the amazon dot with clock? They do apparently have a real microphone cut off.

Mean I’m not overly keen on a voice assistant either, but I like this has IHeartRadio and a clock.

Regardless of what you choose - you might be more flexible / have a greater range of options if you look for separate devices.
Since you plan to control them via openHAB these functions can be delivered by separate devices.

  • get a Hue or a Tradfri or a Chinese no name light to provide the light aspect and write a rule for a nice sunrise effect
  • get a WiFi controlled loudspeaker to control it via openHAB. Can be Sonos, can be a cheaper option
  • I don’t know if there is any of the shelf alarm clock that can plug into openHAB, but if you say you’re willing to build something by yourself than I’m pretty sure that you can find any number of crazy builds for Arduino or other microcontrollers which should be compatible :thinking:

And please post your results here - I already did set up my custom sunrise solution but I still have to find the time to develop some rules for the audio part of my personal openHAB wake up routine :sweat_smile:


Well … you are right he uses streaming, but I htink that bluetooth for content from the smartphone (audible + bought music) will still be needed.

Concerning Sonos, I do not have any experience. I just reed the last comments at playstore about the app.