Landis & Gyr E350 with USB IR adapter

I found some info that it’s possible to read out the data from a Landis & Gyr E350 meter with a USB infrared interface using SmartMeter binding and IR-Reader from volkszaehler.

My SmartMeter is in the basement of my freehold flat and it is accessible by all owner of the house. Because of this I don’t want to install my openhab PI right next to the smart meter in the electrical cabinet. Is there a nice and elegant solution to bring the IR signal from the basement in my apartment in the second floor? I wouldn’t mind to install a second raspberry with USB IR adapter and send the data somehow (MQTT) to my openhab in my apartment over PLC?

Is there a nice solution for this?

Thank you very much for your help.


A simple ESP8266 with infrared receiver and MQTT springs to mind.
Should be easy enough to implement

Hello Vincent
Thank you for your answer. ESP8266 would be cool but there is no WIFI signal from my apartement in the basement that’s the reason why I thought that a Raspberry with PLC would be the solution.

I found this IR to USB in the net which would suite to my Landis & Gyr E350.


I have the following solution in mind.

The question is how do I bring the data from the basement raspberry to my openhabianpi in my appartement. There is no WIFI Signal from my apartment in the basement. That’s the reason why I was thinking about using a second raspberry pi in the basement connected with the IR to USB cable and then send the data somehow to my openhabianpi on the second floor in my apartement.

Any advice is welcome.

Thank you very much.


That is the somehow that you need to solve first.
Once we know what method of data transmission you select we will be able to advise on hardware
But this is YOUR choice, we don’t know the layout nor the structure on the building.
Are you able to install a wire? If you can then just run a network cable to the basement…

Hello Vincent
No, cable from the basement to the second floor in my apartment is hard. That’s the reason why I think I could use PLC as written in the design. So there would be a normal LAN connection between the raspberry in the basement to openhabianpi in my apartment.

Greetings Manuel

If you have a LAN cable then plug the pi in the basement to your LAN directly. Why PLC?

Sorry for beeing not precisely. No lan cable at all, but lan connection using plc from basement to second floor. But the phisical connection is not my problem. I dont know what protocol and sw to use on the basement rasp to communicate with the openhabianpi. That’s actually my main question.


It doesn’t matter, there are multiple choices. Choose what kind of physical communications pathway you can use between the two locations, then choose a comms methodology to match the cable or wireless link or fibre optic or whatever it is the low level solution.

Have you access to power in the basement for any active devices you place there?

Personally, I would look very hard at feasibility of getting an STP Cat5 cable down there, and trying to run an extended USB connection over it.

What do you mean by " lan connection using plc " in this context?

Hello rossko57
I’m misunderstood. Forget the connection from second floor to the basement. This is really not the issue. The issue is what SW to use on the rasp in the basement so I can send it to openhabianpi. Mqtt, mosquito you name it.


Well, you have to provide some tiny clue about the transport medium between ‘rasp’ and ‘openhabianpi’.

Hello Rossko57
The medium between rasp and openhabianpi doesn’t matter. This is not the question again.

Let my try it this way. The rasp in the basement should act as a proxy and send its data to the openhabianpi in my apartment.

Let me think loud.

If I also install openhabianpi on the rasp in the basement and use EC 62056-21 Meter Binding to read out the data from the Landis & Gyr E350 using the IR to USB interface. Can I then send the data to my openhabianpi in my apartment? The openhabianpi in the basement should act like a proxy. That is my idea.

Greetings Manuel

Yes it is, then we can decide what hardware to use to read your meter and send the data.

Yes but how?

I’d use Modbus-RTU, nice and simple, long distance, expandable for other features. openHAB can interrogate the remote slave when it wishes.

Bonus; with most suitable cables, you could remotely power the simple basement slave as well.

The easiest medium for me between basement rasp and openhabianpi would be with two Powerline Adapter. There is no chance to lay a new cable.


Right. So you would have access to your LAN in the basement.
A pi connected to your LAN can convert your data from your meter to MQTT with a python script running as a service. Done

Thank you Vincent for your patience. Would it also be possible to install openhab on the pi in the basement, use the IEC 62056-21 Meter Binding and forward all data via LAN to my master openhab instance in my apartment? This way I don’t have to write a python script by myself which I’m unfortunately not able to do.



Have a go, it might turn out to be fun

But how can I forward messages from one openhab to a second master openhab instance?


Multiple choices there, but searching this forum for “MQTT event bus” will give you starting ideas.

This is an overkill approach.