Latest Ecobee Binding?

I feel like I’m going crazy here. I’m trying to setup my new Ecobee thermostat. According to the documentation, there should be both a v2.1.0, and a v2.2.0-snapshot binding available. All I can find, both in .jar format, and on the Paper UI, is v1.1.0.

I only recently upgraded to OH2, and haven’t use the Paper UI to install any binding yet (because I’m stubborn, and resistant to change), so perhaps I missed something there. Do I need to run an “apt-get update” or something to get the latest addon versions?

I’ve noticed that a few of my other bindings are outdated according to the documentation, even though I thought I had the most recent version. I feel like I must be missing something on the manual method too. What’s the best way to get the latest .jar file for a particular addon? I’ve been using this link to download the latest add-ons snapshot.


Hey @Steve40,

Looks like there’s no 2.x binding out there.
The only one is ecobee1 which is documented here:

You can get it installed with Paper UI or by simply adding ecobee1 to /conf/services/addons.cfg file in bindings= line. Just make sure it’s uncommented (removed # characted from the beginning of the line) first.

After it’s installed, you’ll see a new file created - /services/ecobee.cfg

I believe @watou is the author of that binding.

Note that all OH1.x bindings that have no 2.x equivalent have the 1 suffix.
Here’s the list of all of them.


Ah, good to know. The documentation has a “switch article version” option at the top, listing 2.1 and 2.2, so it threw me for a loop. Thanks!