Latest zwave binding 1.8 not working for NODE_NAMING

I installed the latest 1.8 zwave binding A few days ago, and was having problems with two nodes after. Oddly these were my two most reliable nodes -never given any problems previously.

One node (Levitron plug in dimmer) works, but the device name comes up as Chinese characters, and can’t be edited.

The other node will not initialize, it’s a zwave vent from EcoNet products.

Investigating I found it failing on NODE_NAMING which seems to be a newly implemented command class.

In the log, I see the vent respond to this command class, but the name returned is a jumble of good and bad characters (control characters and such), and changes seemingly randomly when NAME_GET is called.

This probably explains the Chinese letters in my dimmer name also.

Reverting to a 1.8 binding before NODE_NAMING was introduced fixes the problem, and all initialized normally.

I can post a DEBUG log if anyone needs it (has to be via Dropbox as you don’t seem to be able to attach files in this new forum).

I experienced the same issue with a Levitron switch that had been working just fine. I ended up removing the NODE_NAMING command class from the serialized XML file and then restarting OH…

I just commented out the command class in the source code, as I couldn’t get my EcoNet vent to initialize (so no xml file).