Latest Zwave binding missing module?

I‘m a little bit surprised, too.

Nothing on my system

openhab> list -s | grep xstream

After Mark’s suggestion:

openhab> list -s | grep xstream
267 x Active   x  80 x                x org.apache.servicemix.bundles.xstream

Ok, then you need to install the jar as described here.

Edit: Ah, I see you already installed it. Then the zwave binding now should be working.

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Working, thank you sir!

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Not a great start with the new binding, most nodes stuck in NIF. Previous one i used was perfect! @chris any suggestions? Or does this take longer now when the binding is restarted/new.

The good news is meter reset works for the ZW111 :smiley: YAY!

EDIT: Seems all battery devices, ill give them a while and see what happens.

Please note that the binding has not changed - all the code is exactly the same and I have not made any changes. Only the build system has changed, and there seem to be some teething issues with getting the whole system running. Sorry for the hassles, but it’s not really in my control :frowning: .

battery devices need woken up
push button, poke with paper clip
hit + to start discovery then push wake up button

All good Chris, thank you for getting meter reset working for those nodes!

Andrew, yep but takes ages to do that. Ill just let them do their thing! :slight_smile:

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OH does not use ESH any more… ESH is now OHC. :wink:

I was having issues due to using my script. When zigbee and zwave were migrated to BND, the directories changed. The script still downloaded something, but they were not jars :roll_eyes:, so OH did nothing when they were copied to addons. I’ve updated the script and included the xstream jar. BTW, zigbee also required openhab-core-config-discovery-usbserial and seems to need an OH restart after installing/upgrading.

Sure, I understand that, but the same point exists. Unless this has been refactored out ing the move, it really should still be there.

Yep - I saw your comment on the other thread. I’m not sure why it should be different now than it was previously, but we seem to be living in an ever changing world :wink: . I’m looking forward to the day when openHAB actually has some stability :frowning: .

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I’m trying to update my z-wave bindings on OH 2.4.
Is the actual last version this one?
238 x Active x 80 x x org.openhab.binding.zwave

  1. Dec 2018. No, it is not a recent zwave binding.

Do you need to pick up any database changes?

This is the most recent zwave 2.5 snapshot binding:$org.openhab.binding.zwave/

Thanks, this helped. I managed to now get this:
238 x Active x 80 x x org.openhab.binding.zwave

In fact i want to use the Fibaro Shutter 3 FGR-223

I already use the shutter 2 and it works well but the new one i buyed are version 3 and they are not known from the database

This one was added in January 2019.

@chris It looks like the Zigbee M2 release does specify a version 1.4,2 of xstream, and it is breaking my system even thou I have org.eclipse.smarthome.config.xml binding installed. (I am running a custom distro so you might not need to care about this if it is running normally on openhab. I just wanted to mention it)


for anyone who is interested this is how I set it up.

I am running openhab 2.4 and I had to install the latest z-wave binding ( │ org.openhab.binding.zwave) in order to get a Fibaro RGBW controller running (FGRGBW-442 RGBW) which is not included in the zwave 2.4 binding.
I just dropped the latest snapshot 2.5.1 into my addons folder which failed in the first since it was missing another lib - org.apache.servicemix.bundles.xstream .
In case you stumble upon the same issue. Just put version 1.4.7_1 also into the addons folder and openhab will be able to set up the updated binding on restart.
Have fun.

Actually that is why I recommend the install script that takes care of the dependencies.

Zigbee and Z-Wave manual install script - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community

The install script was not working for me. Somehow the docs are not in sync with the actual script. e.g.


is documented but the code raised an exception since it is not a valid argument .
Also without this particular argument it did not work for me unfortunately.

@5iver is usually very prompt in responding to issues.

Can you run it without passing arguments? The menu will guide you through it. I haven’t tried using the script with arguments in a while, so something could be messed up. I’ll take a look, but if you could, please submit an issue in GH so that I do not forget. Or better yet, fix it and submit a PR! :slightly_smiling_face:

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