Latin characters on User Interfaces

Hi everyone.
I´m trying to translate some informations to show in my UI. My .map file seems like this:


But the word “Verão” is showing in a bad character: “Verão”
How can I put this symbol (ã) on the UI?

Is your file encoded in UTF-8? Also, which UI?

I realy don´t know.
Where I can see if it´s encoded in UTF-8?

All the UIs. Basic UI, HABPanel, and the mobile app

Depends on the editor you’re using.

I´m using Eclipse Smarthome Designer

For me it works out of the box.

Seems your file encoding is not right.
In Eclipse select the file right click and choose the last option Properties. The file encoding should be listed there.

Did you create the file in eclipse? It should ussually create all files as UTF-8.

You can also use notepad++, it shows the file encoding in the bottom area.

In the Eclipse I can´t find the file properties.

On the notepad++ it shows the encoding UTF-8 like yours, so I don´t know where is the problem

Does it also look ok in notepadd++? I asume it does.

This is the second complain about encoding in the last days.
Maybe its related.

Ok, I tried all the encode and finally ANSI format works.


Thanls a lot.

so you changed the encoding of the MAP file until the character are displayed correctly?

Yes. And test with others MAP files and work to.
It seems the UTF-8 doesn´t work well with Latin characters

How are you creating your “Latin” characters in the editor? Typing them? Or copy and paste? If the latter, from what source?

Ok, I tried all the encode and finally ANSI format works.

See this explanation of the so-called “ANSI” format.

Just typing. I’m from Brazil and in Portuguese we have some kind of characters like ã, á, é, ó.

Can you try UTF8 encoding once more with a property set? Maybe this is related to the same issue which I experienced, take a look here