Launching Scripts from Console

The docs say you can launch a script in the /conf/scripts directory from the console using the following syntax:

smarthome:> <script to execute>	Executes a script from the conf/scripts folder

However, I can’t get my scripts to launch. For instance, I have a script named “init.script”. I’ve tried calling it a couple of different ways:

openhab> smarthome:> init
 ___ init
   The method or field init is undefined; line 1, column 0, length 4

With .script:

openhab> smarthome:> init.script
 ___ init.script
   The method or field init is undefined; line 1, column 0, length 4

However, I am able to call script actions this way:

openhab> smarthome:> sendCommand(familyRoomLightSwitch, ON)

How do you actually call a script file from the console?

According to the OH 1.x docs you would use callScript("<scriptname>").

Let us know if this works so the OH 2 documents can be updated.

Even that doesn’t work sadly.

openhab> smarthome:> callScript("init")
callScript( ___ init)
   The method or field init is undefined; line 1, column 11, length 4

Not sure if it’s still actual, but I have run across the same problem, and found the way how to do it successfully:

openhab> smarthome:> callScript(\"init\")

By the way, it’s true for all string names passed into actions in the console, for example:

openhab> smarthome:> sendTelegram(\"home\", \"hello\")

Has this changed in the latest version? If I run a smarthome:help I get a list of commands with the following message

Usage: smarthome:things trigger <channelUID> [<event>] - triggers the <channelUID> with <event> (if given)
Usage: smarthome:> <script to execute> - Executes a script

When I try to use smarthome:> <script> in any way I get the following error:

openhab> smarthome:> callScript(\"school_holidays\")
Command not found: smarthome:

It doesn’t matter what I use for the <script to execute> part.

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Based on my googling/githubbing/and general code crawling, it looks like Karaf added support for redirecting output (similar to how a bash shell does it) on the console.

It uses the > character to do this. (

The new parser is picking up the > character and attempting to redirect insted of letting the scriptengineconsolecommandextension handle it (

This is only in the 4.1.x branch of Karaf. It seams somewhere around July of 2017 there was a pull request in openhab to use Karaf 4.1.x (

My suspicion is that this bug has existed since then but only rolled out when 2.2 was released. And there doesn’t look like a way to work around it to execute a script from the console.

An easy fix would be to change the > character used by the ScriptEngineConsoleCommandExtension to something else, but I’ll leave that up to the devs to decide.


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