Layout pages: access components menu by Action or Rule?

*Using OpenHAB 3.4
Can you trigger the black button settings of a component by Action or Rule? See photo:
I have overlapping components and now for example if I press component 1, I want to trigger “Move Back” on component 2.
Appreciate any help or hints what direction to search for, didnt find anything in the documentation.
What I am trying to do is basically avoid using multiple pages or popups because I am not happy with loading times, so I want to have everything in one place and bee always running in the background and bring them to front when needed and just push back when not needed.

No. Those menu options are features of the editor window that actually reorder the page definition itself. There is no equivalent feature when the page is being actually rendered.

You can change whether or not a widget is rendered at any point on a page using widget variables and the visible property. But If you are running on a system that is already having a difficulty rendering the pages, then I don’t think adding more to the main page is the solution, that’s just going to slow it down more. I would suggest trying to work out why your page loading times are slower than you like and trying to fix that issue.