LCN binding - 3-digit integer value in item definition


I’m trying to get a (percentage) 3-digit integer value sent to the LCN bus through the LCN binding by using the plain PCK commmand in order to position blinds. The PCK command requires the value to be formatted to 3 digits with padded zeros. My item definition looks like this:

Rollershutter RollKueche "Rollladen Küche [%d%%]" <rollershutter> (gKueche) {lcn="[%d:local:PCK.S0.M006.R8M2GO%3d]"}

The command works fine if I replace %3d by a constant, eg. 005, 040, 100 which is obviously not the intention. Is formatting number values in the binding definition allowed? Is it a restriction within the LCN binding? Or have I done anything wrong?