Leap Motion Bindings

Just wondering - did anything ever come of the Leap Motion binding? I saw that video years ago and thought I could finally put my $99 paperweight to good use.

What sort of interaction are you thinking? Probably helps to explain a little more what you are looking for…

just starting off with something simple :slight_smile: - say wave over to activate a switch. But there doesn’t appear to be any bindings for it - I saw with interest the demo video that Kai did a few years back and wonder why there’s still no simple binding for it.

lol - I just saw the video on the openhab homepage and thought exactly the same… finally a use for my Leap Motion device.

I then googled to just find this thread…sad to see there is nothing as yet done.

How would I use it? …mmm, actually I draw a blank…ive got nothing …I was going to say to be able to control lights in the kitchen …but ive already got Google Home so can talk to that.

Hi all, I’m a final year industrial design student doing a research on meaningful interactions and wellbein.

Has anyone been successful at making the Leap Motion binding work like in the video below? I’m new to openHAB and wanted to achieve this similar outcome and try build upon it. Is there a guide or access to the code for this interaction? I want to achieve a Leap Motion interaction with a LIFX bulb.