Learning Z-wave

I just purchased a Z-wave controller. Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5,

I also purchased a Aeotec Smart Dimmer.

I can’t seem to get the control to communicate with the dimmer.

Here are my steps

I paired the devices
I added the binding in Openhab2 and set the computer port to COM4
I went to Things and the device controller is listed with Online status and looks fine.
I add a item and use Z-wave binding as the source it kinds the dimmer and I add it
I go back to items and I see the device but it has a status of OFFLINE - COMMUNICATION_ERROR

I have researched what might be causing this but I have not found a solution yet.

One interesting note. The controller when plugged into my computer flashes red/yellow/blue. I can’t find anywhere to tell me if this is normal behavior or not.

Any advice?

The controller flashing like a rainbow is normal behavior, you can disable it with the windows tool from Aeotec.

Sometimes the pairing fails. If so, go to habMIN, then to the thing and click on tools on the top left. Select “mark as failed” and then “remove node” and redo the pairing.

If that does not work you could try to reset both the stick (press the reset button for 20s, LED flashes red and then blue) and the dimmer (look into the manual) and redo everything.

Thanks for reply. I realized that after I paired the new switch I need to restart the Openhab and then I was able to add it from the binding as a new Item. What is the name of the tool to disable to flashing?

It’s Part of the backuptool, a quick google search should find it :wink:

Backup tool I have seen. Thanks