LED Controller goes offline if the Thing is activated

I got a new single color “MagicHome” Wifi LED Controller, using it with a white led strip.

If i’m only using the MagicHome App everything is working fine for days.

But as soon, as i create a thing in OpenHab (autodiscovered, no manual changes), the device goes offline in one or two minutes. It is no longer reachable in the MagicHome App, it is even not pingable. I need to disconnect and reconnect the power. Disabling the thing is sufficient to prevent it from going offline.

Before it goes offline i’m also able to control it via openhab.

I tried to disconnect all items from the channels, change the polling period, use another protocol or driver, but without success.

This is what the Thing looks like

UID: wifiled:wifiled:C44F33D2523A
label: AK001-ZJ2104
thingTypeUID: wifiled:wifiled
  protocol: LD382A
  driver: CLASSIC
  fadeDurationInMs: 1000
  port: 5577
  pollingPeriod: 30
  fadeSteps: 100

Any Ideas?

if somebody facing the same issue is reading this.
the controller was malfunctioning, replaced it and everything works as expected.