LED Konzept K-4 LED Controller


Is it possible to receive and send comands from/to LED Konzept K-4 LED Controllers?
It send/receive data by 969MHz range, but i found nothing about it with wich protocol and if it is possiblöe to receive by rflink, rfxcom or other Hardware wich is possible to interact with Openhab.

Here are the links to the Controllers:




AFAIK nobody has yet analyzed/reverse engineered this protocol. Those devices origin from Sunricher and operate on 868MHz. K-4 is just one of many brands that re-labeled the sunricher devices.

What you can do is:

Get one of those SR-2818WiN WIFI/RF Bridges.

Now you could use my MQTT Bridge (https://github.com/magcode/sunricher-wifi-mqtt) and integrate it with Openhab. I consider implementing a native OH2 Binding later. But so far I don’t need it as the MQTT stuff works pretty well.

Be ware that my MQTT Bridge only supports one channel (white) so far. I do not have other RF receivers so I won’t be able to develop and test RGB dimming.

Hope that helps