LEGRAND/BTICINO MYHOMESUITE Indentify which is which

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I am wondering how to identify which device is which !
If i switch on a physical light switch, should it highlith something in myHomeSuite so i can identify which is which ?
Or can i switch on a device from MyHomeswitch to light On the light in my house to identify…which is which… ?

i think the easyest way is to open myhome suite, not open an existing plant but click on “new home”

conntect to your gateway (right side top)

then click “bus scanner” (right side bottom), then “manual”, then “i dont know the device id or address” and then “start scan”

then you are prompted to press the button from a switch, it takes some seconds then the device will appear in the right window. click and hold it, move it to the big window in the middle.

dont forget to insert the “custom name” so you know what switch it is in the future. be aware that this information is only stored in the plant-file. if you loose it the name is gone again.


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