Let Alexa speak from openhab rule


Does anyone know if it is possible to let Alexa talk from openhaal ?

No, afaik that is not possible. Alexa is no Audio Sink. Alexa can listen to voice commands and reply to them. But using API’s you can’t trigger Alexa to start talking. It’s not an OH limitation, Alexa is just not designed for this.

Ok is there anyway to check if Alexa is triggered so I can mute my tv for example

I’m not sure. What I noticed is, since I’ve linked my Sonos and Alexa, every time I say the wakeword (“Alexa”), my Sonos’ volume goes very low. After I’ve said the command, the volume returns back to normal. But this has nothing to do with OpenHAB. Maybe you should check first if your TV integrates directly with Alexa.

Reference the change to very loud. Did you check the notificationvolume? This channel is used to set the volume for notifications and is seperated from the normal volume.

Generally it would be possible via notifications. But the user still need to ask: Alexa, what are my notifications? However, this feature is not implemented yet.


IFTTT has more features for alexa implemented then openhab, I use IFTTT to change time of day in OH when the alarms goes off for instance… Amazon did release the possiblilityin the APK to say out things, however this is not yet implemented in the OH skill

@royhofman1989 and everyone who follow this thread:
Text-to-speech with Alexa and OpenHAB is now possible through Amazon Echo Control Binding.

Have fun!