Leviton RZS15 Ivory swith plates

I am reaching out to see if any one has spare ivory switch plates for the RZS15 switch. The builder of my house decided to use Ivory throughout the house and I have older levition RZS15 vizia switches that I need the ivory plates for. If anyone has spares and is willing to part with them, I am willing to pay for them.

  • Garrett

Garrett, I have (3). These are from Vizia RF+ scene-capable switches. Where are you located? I’m in US. You can have them if you pay for shipping.



Thank you for responding to my request. I am located in the US in PA. Are these the older version of the Vizia switches? I know the current line of Leviton switches they modified the switch plate and the tabs are located in different spots. If they are in fact for the RZS15 switch, I will take them and let me know how you want me to send payment for shipping.

Thanks again,


They are from model VRS15-1LZ. I don’t know if they are considered “old”.


These appear to be the newer switch. The ones I have are the Vizia RF models and not the newer RF+. Leviton for some reason decided to modify the plates slightly where the tabs are in different locations and added two tabs to the paddle part. I have some monster switches (rebranded leviton) that I got on a huge discount a few years back and they only came in white. I never understood why the builder chose Ivory and I am very close to just switch everything over to white to reduce my frustration of trying to find devices in ivory.

Thanks a ton for your efforts!

  • Garrett